A Barcelona employee win € 6.6 million for the sale of Neymar

A Barcelona employee win € 6.6 million for the sale of Neymar

2018 Sep 14

The sports program of Ràdio Barcelona , revealed that Barça had to pay André Cury, an employee of the club based in Brazil and a trusted person of Neymar, more than six and a half million euros derived from the sale of the Brazilian to PSG in the summer of 2017. Once the exit of the crack to Parc des Princes closed, he took from his briefcase a document signed by Sandro Rosell, then president of Barça, in 2012. gave Cury three percent of "a future sale." And this arrived. Total, that Cury pocketed 6.6 million euros.

Cury has been working for Barcelona for some years now. He does it in Brazil, trying to control the market and supposedly offering the Barça club the best options that come his way. In the Camp Nou they trust him, although not all those who have a say and vote have just trusted too much in their way of facing things. Cury was a partner in the traffic representation company. Before being hired by Barcelona, ​​the worker participated directly in the arrival, for example, of Keirrison and Henrique, two Brazilians who either did not make their debut with Barcelona, ​​as was the first, or who did not give the football level to stay in the first Barça squad, as was the second case.

The Barcelona says that it is "negotiating" with Cury the payment of that amount, although Ràdio Barcelona insisted that it has already charged everything. Mundo Deportivo contributed last January that is a club worker, although "it does not do it exclusively". In spite of everything, Cury has intervened in a decisive way in many of the operations that Barça has closed in recent months, especially those linked to South American football. Arthur Melo or Yerry Mina (already out of Barça, but coming from his Palmeiras day) are some examples.

Meanwhile, Neymar's father had everything tied with PSG, Cury landed at the end of July 2017 in New York in order to try to convince the player that the best option was to stay. I would have won yes or yes. If Neymar had achieved a new contract improvement, Cury would have won a prize, although the doubt that many have now is yes it would have been better than the one he just charged to Barcelona.
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