A Cup to forget the pains for Zaragoza and Cadiz

OCT 17, 2018

Both Real Zaragoza and Cádiz reach the tie of the Cup tonight - a single match - immersed in a crisis of results and with the infirmary totally full . Both chain five games without knowing the victory and their attention is focused on the League, but the meeting of La Romareda appears as a therapeutic opportunity to change its dynamics, as a victory would end the streak and recover some of the lost confidence.That goal is pursued by both Idiákez and Cervera, but always with an eye on the weekend. Therefore, they will not risk and will make several changes in their respective onces with the intention of not charging minutes to their most important players. For Cadiz, two unchallenged players have remained at home, such as José Mari and Matos, while up to five changes are expected in their starting line-up. David Gil, Carmona, Brian Oliván, Perea and Carrillo could have their chance tonight in a team heavily punished by injuries on defense, as Kecojevic appears as the only center available from his squad.Something similar happens to Real Zaragoza, but in the attack. In the last three games of the league have been falling injured Papu, Marc Gual and Alvaro, and last but not least, Pombo ended the last match with a strong bruise on the foot and is between cottons, so everything indicates that Idiákez what will reserve for the clash on Sunday against Tenerife. Before all these absences, Jeison Medina points to his first ownership. It will not be the only novelty in an eleven with Ratón, Delmás, Álex Muñoz or Aguirre, who have a golden opportunity to vindicate themselves and change the dynamic with a victory in the Cup that serves to forget all the penalties of the last month of competition.
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