Aranguiz: "We can not throw away what has been done for 10 years"

Aranguiz: "We can not throw away what has been done for 10 years"

2018 Jun 13

The Leverkusen midfielder referred again to the absence of Chile from the World Cup in Russia and, although he said he was "sad", he emphasized that the squad "still has many conditions."

Charles Aranguiz already thinks about the new process of the Chilean national team. While the midfielder lamented the absence of the Red in Russia, stressed that the current players of the selected still have many conditions to represent the country at high level.

"I think if we're not there (in the World Cup) it's because this time we had to fall, but we have to get up because we still have many conditions, there are people who also want to be there in the group, so we can not throw everything garbage of the good thing that has been done during all this last 10 years ", said in the program the Blue Magic.

"Like any fan we are sad because we think we should be there, but in football these kinds of things happen and we must take them quietly and we must summarize all these years that the team was at a great level. (...) they made mistakes, many things happened, then this is the time to recover and return to the road where we were competing at a great level, "he added.
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Final of the U against Catholic in 2011: "I have nice memories of that final, it was a very exciting match, it happened in all those two games, in the end it is not believed that this result was achieved, but it was a very nice match. the conviction and faith until the last minute that we were going to achieve it After the first game we left with sadness, bitterness and the next day feeling all the support of the fans, seeing everything they were doing for us, because they had more faith than us from the beginning and just after the first game they showed faith and believed that we could achieve it.The support of them was impressive, it was an extra energy that we added, but personally I was not surprised, because the fan of the "U" is like that, it was important to receive that support "

His stage in the U: "Since I arrived until the day I left, I always felt very comfortable in the U. After that the fan was respecting me, wanting and until today he remembers me a lot. I do not know if I deserve it, but if the fan gives me that affection it will be because I did things right, so I hope I'll one day come back and enjoy that moment again, to wear the shirt, go out to a stadium full of fans I would love to repeat that scene again, my respect for the fans, my love for the institution, I have very nice memories. "

Will you change teams this season ?: "It's always good to be seen by important teams, but my decisions to change clubs always go through a family issue, as I worry that my children are well and adapted. Just like playing, being considered within the group, independent of the clubs that arrive, I try to make the decisions out there, where I can feel more comfortable, in Leverkusen it went from less to more, it cost me a lot because of the injury and today I am very comfortable, grateful I am very fond of people because they treated me very well.

Gustavo Canales' farewell: "He's a great person, I was lucky enough to play with him, he's an incredible player, so the main thing is to give Gustavo all the support he deserves that Friday is a nice night for him. so that people go to say goodbye. "
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