Atletico closes an agreement with Monaco for Lemar

JUN 13, 2018

"Atletico Madrid and Monaco have reached a compromise agreement for the transfer of Thomas Lemar to our club, and in the coming days both clubs will work to close the definitive transfer agreement." So, somewhat redundantly, it confirmed last night what had already transpired throughout the afternoon, after Miguel Angel Gil moved to the Principality to close the deal with Vadim Vasilyev, vice president and general manager of the Monegasque club. The commitment is pending medical review and the signature of the player himself ... which in principle will occur next week, once awarded Didier Deschamps, French coach, the relevant permission.Because the French player, who will sign for five seasons and for which Atletico will make the most important outlay in its history (between 70 and 80 million), is currently concentrated in Russia to play in the World Cup. The arrival of the international bleu, which had become the main objective of the red and white club for this market, was one of the issues that were presented to Griezmann at the time to try to follow the orders of Cholo. Atlético has been used so that the arrival of Lemar became effective before the World Cup began ... and that Antoine himself communicated his decision. In addition, that was precisely the margin that Didier Deschamps had granted his players to solve their futures: before the ball starts to roll, something that for France will happen this Saturday. In the hands of the technician is now the rubric of contracts.
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