Bacca executes a Lega lantern and champion of impotence

2018 Sep 16

Villarreal escaped from the penultimate place with an exhibition of pragmatism. They were not those of Calleja better than Leganés, but they knew how to take advantage, with surgical efficiency, of the deficiencies of an upper Madrid team in everything. Also in nonsense. Carrillo failed a penalty as soon as the second half started and he gave the opening of the depression pepinera after a sublime start in which yellow fever was imposed on the submarine. They never did a bit in the first part in their league duels. The Villarreal escapes to its worse beginning of League in First and sinks to the premises like red lantern of the category.The Leganés wrote a prologue of redundant possession. Change of book. With Garitano he barely chewed the ball. With Pellegrino it is flavored at a slow fire and with a high rhythm. And if it is not hollow, long ball. That's where all Carrillo, 4x4 multiplayer with a cannon on the bonnet to finish what he gets. The Argentine had the two clearest of the first half. They arrived at the edge of a break in which he deserved to win the Lega. But Asenjo also plays, intervenes and stops. For a lot.His hand to a headbutt of '9' pepinero in 44 'was canned caviar in a mitten. Gourmet gesture in the only yellow boot exhibition. Those of Calleja sounded like imprecise noise. The Lega put the violins, with El Zhar unleashed (he had two for the 1-0) and Rolan bipolar: worker in defense, dancer in attack.His was the shot that forced a hand of Mario into the area after the restart. Penalty that Carrillo missed. His zapatazo ended almost in Getafe. Far. Far away. Before launching it, El Zhar asked for it. His face after the blunder was poetry of impotence. He also changed the gesture of a Lega who collapsed under the melancholy and changes of Calleja. Fornals and Bacca mutated to Villarreal and the scoreboard. He scored the Colombian in a strategy move and moved Butarque into the winter. Cold and without impetus, like a Leganés who lost himself in the desperation of rediscovering himself. He almost got it in the 92nd minute, but Santos's header goal was canceled out of play.