Barcelon and Sevilla will debut the VAR in the Supercopa

2018 Aug 10

The match that will face FC Barcelona and Sevilla in Tangier this Sunday, on the occasion of the dispute of the Spanish Super Cup, will premiere the VAR (Video Assistant Refree) in an official match of a Spanish competition. After having received approval from the International Football Association Board (IFAB), and once the feasibility of the technical specifications of the tool on Moroccan soil has been verified, the RFEF and the CTA have decided to bet on the implementation of the VAR for the final of the Supercopa of Spain.The Carlos del Cerro Grande from Madrid will be the referee in charge of launching the technological assistance in a competition of the RFEF. The video assistant referee will be Jesús Gil Manzano and as assistant VAR Ángel Nevado González has been appointed.Both clubs have to accept the use of the VAR in this match. The last tests would take place on Saturday afternoon at the scene of the game in Tangier, according to the RFEF.