Barcelona wins in Anoeta recruiting the gala team after the second unit failed.

2018 Sep 16

The new Anoeta brought the old problems to Barcelona and Valverde's team had to sweat blood to take the three points (1-2) after tracing the initial goal of the Real. A comeback that was based on the stops of Ter Stegen, the effectiveness of set pieces (with the help of Rulli and the rebounds) and to recruit the team to the gala team to solve the mess in which they were getting into.As expected, Valverde made rotations, but contrary to expectations, they did not shake the team at all, on the contrary, they narcotized it to perpetrate an absolutely pitiful start of the game that could only be solved at the end with Team A. Barça threw the first part in the trash with an official football in which he played neither inside nor out, neither short nor long. A true nonsense. Orphan of Busquets, the Barça lacked guide in a center of the field in which Rafinha and Sergi Roberto were respective machines to lose balls.Ahead, the thing was not much better. Demebélé, in clear homage to Toshack, taking advantage of the fact that he was visiting San Sebastian as "headless chicken", Messi was about to complain about the loudspeakers in case he had lost his way to the stadium and Suárez only left a record of his presence in the stadium. field for their protests.Behind, the easy thing would be to load the small owl to Semedo, who played a calamitous first part, but his teammates were not better either.Against this background, the Real was enough to be very organized, cheerful and dynamic to spend a first 45 minutes more than quiet. Those of Garitano took advantage of the first serious loss of ball of the Barça and the first fault of the Blaugrana team (that arrived as a result of that loss) to inaugurate the score after Hector Moreno was imposed by stop to Semedo and Aritz Elustondo scored a goal with the left that caught Piqué clueless.Neither the fact of going behind on the score sparked a really scary Barca in the first act. The first and only notice blaugrana in that period reached the 35 minutes in a header Piqué to the exit of a corner. The center-back claimed a penalty five minutes after the VAR did not consider and Real, almost without disheveled, came with the 1-0 at halftime to a cartoon Barca who had thrown the first part and had to change many things in the second .The first thing that changed Valverde was Semedo, who for the second consecutive time was replaced again at halftime to give entry to Coutinho, which Sergi Roberto returned to the right side after suffering in the center of the field.After ten minutes in which the panorama did not change at all, it is more, it was Real who first shot on goal in another set piece, Valverde introduced Busquets on the field retiring Rafinha. Barca had 35 minutes to turn around the game with the hypothetical gala team.And there, the Barca put fence to the goal of Rulli, more by accumulation than by quality and based on tightening, the Real yielded corner kicks and the Royal bled out there. Rulli misjudged the output against Umtiti and Suárez won the defense three minutes before a similar move, Dembélé scored the second while in the opposite area, Ter Stegen was aggravated by the local strikers who pressed until the last moment after, again, Barcelona lost control of the game after the entry of Vidal by Dembélé in a carbon copy of what happened in Zorrilla.