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The Belgian Jupiler League is one of the oldest club championships in Europe. The first championship was held in the season 1895-96. Since then, there have been 113 draws of the tournament.

In recent years, Belgian football has made great progress. Back in 2010, the Belgian championship ranked 14th in the UEFA table, and now it is already on the 9th place. At such rates, the tournament can come very close to the Italian Serie A and the French League 1 in 5-10 years.

Despite the fact that for the championship in Belgium only 3-4 teams are able to fight, the championship is very competitive. The teams of the middle of the ranking are able to win in a separate match. To understand how hard the fight is in the league, it's enough to look at the standings of the regular season. In the last season, the winner of the regular season was Bruges, while the team has as many as 8 defeats in 30 rounds.

Because of the unusual format of the championship, teams willy-nilly should fight until the last round. Odds on outsiders are usually in the area of 5.00-10.00, but they very often pass. In the 2015-16 season, the Belgian Championship took the third place in terms of performance among the twelve largest European championships. Only 3 teams of the tournament played more matches for total less than 2.5, than on TB 2.5. More than half of teams have for the season 10 or more matches on TB 3.5.

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The Belgian national team is now called one of the most talented in the world. It consists of extraordinary players and almost no weaknesses. All these players came out of the Belgian championship, which is rich in talents.

The most titled teams of the tournament:


The football championship of Belgium has one of the most complex structures of national championships.
It starts quite standard, 16 teams play in two rounds, as well as in the Premier League. Next, the first six teams form a champion group, where the teams play in 2 rounds with each other. This takes into account the points scored by teams in the regular season, but they are divided into 2.
After 10 rounds 2 teams of the Champions League and 2 members of the Europa League are determined. The team, which took the 5th place, will meet with the winner of another playoff, which includes teams from 7th to 14th places. In this championship the teams are divided into 2 groups (4 teams each) and play in two rounds. The winners of the groups determine the strongest in the two-legged confrontation. The victory gives a chance to get a ticket to the Europa League. With regard to the teams that took the last two places in the regular season, the last place automatically leaves the championship (goes to the Second Division), and for the 15th place the season ends immediately after the end of the regular season.

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