Betting On a Draw Benefits & Strategies

2018 Jul 3

Professional punters conduct a full analysis of games, watch the broadcasts of matches, get acquainted with statistical information, develop gaming and financial strategies. Viewing matches allows you to determine the focus of teams on the result, the current shape of players, and motivation. Teams strive to win in the confrontation, to please the fans with the goals. The game can keep you in suspense until the last seconds, when no team desires a draw. Consequently, the odds for a draw are high enough, which attracts many who want to earn.


From a mathematical point of view, the odds of such a plan prove to be profitable, since draws are encountered quite often. The odds, as mentioned above, are at a decent level. Most punters prefer to bet on one of the teams, totals, and other outcomes. To correctly distribute incoming funds and minimise losses to bookmakers, it is necessary to adjust the odds. On individual positions, they significantly increase, and on others they decrease. Often the draw odds reach values above 3.40, and during the match they are undergoing a change. Therefore, with a competent approach to the odds and skilful management of the bankroll you can receive a stable income.


Before the start of the match, the bookmaker’s client can focus only on statistical data and the latest news from the opponents team. For example, the absence of a major scorer significantly reduces the goal potential of the team. Not always in the team there are equivalent replacements for key players, so you do not have to count on the scoring extravaganza in the match.Observing the statistics, you can notice certain series of patterns. For example, the club wins in the last 7 encounters or can not score several games in a row. Often, the outcome repeats regardless of the venue of the match. Such series can tell about the current mood of the players and the situation in the team. The last results before the bet should be looked at. There are championships in which the number of draws is greater than in the rest. However, they change from year to year, so it is unprofitable to bet constantly for one tournament. You should see several rounds of the current championship to assess the manner of the game and the mood of the teams.Tournament position is also important when predicting the result. A team that can compete for a place in the Champions League or another prestigious tournament will do its best to score points. The club, able to leave the relegation zone and keep the "residence permit" in the top division, will also try to win.Quite often there are situations when the club has surpassed opponents and secured the championship for several rounds before the end of the championship. During the last matches of the tournament draws are quite possible. Some teams are in the middle of the standings, they are not threatened by low league matches, and it will not be possible to interfere in the fight for a place in a European competition. In such a situation, a tie is likely. In the group stages of various prestigious championships, individual teams, for a few matches before the end, provide access to the playoff stage or lose all the chances of continuing the fight, then the draws in the upcoming games are also likely.You can take into account the above factors, but accurately predict a draw only based on the statistics is quite difficult. For a correct prediction, you need to look at the actions of the teams in the current match, if they are ready to compete for the victory, or the draw will suit both teams. To optimise the actions in the analysis of events and the selection of suitable games, punters develop a variety of strategies.


Given the high odds for a draw outcome of the match, many punters customers use the "dogon". A match is selected according to certain criteria, a bet on a draw is placed. In case of loss, the next bet is made, but in such a way that the amount of winnings compensates for the lost funds.System «2 of 5»5 matches are selected, in which, according to the punter, a draw is expected. A bet is made by the system. To do this, it is enough to select the desired outcomes in the bookmaker's slip, select "system 2 of 5" in the betting slip, enter the amount and click "place bet". In the case of two correctly defined draw matches, the punter is returned the funds almost completely. If the punter has correctly selected 3 or more matches, he will receive a decent increase to the game bank. Instead of the system, you can also use bets from two different events, but it's important to consider all the matches among the selected ones.
draw betting
You can see that in some games, teams do not immediately rush forward. Opponents look at each other, change the pace of the game, trying to find the weaknesses in the opponent. In such searches the whole time passes, which often ends with the score 0:0  1:1 - If the opponents are approximately equal in strength, then a bet on a draw may be a good option.In some championships, teams prefer to play productive football. In most matches, individual clubs "punch" the total. Equal opponents can exchange a large number of goals, but complete the match in a draw. In such tournaments, you can bet not just on a draw, but on a double outcome , for example, a tie / total goal is more than 3.5 "or "a draw / both teams will score. The odds will be much higher than a simple draw, but not every bookmaker offers marked markets for bets.Also note the "magic" effectiveness of the strategy of betting on a draw in Live mode or in the course of the game. The essence of it is simple: to select a match with a high probability of a draw with any of the suggested methods, wait until one of the teams scores a goal in the course of the match and only then bet on a draw. Depending on the time of the first goal, the coefficient for a draw can fly up to 2 and 3 times, which with the same risk will allow you to get a much larger win.Very often in the first half of the game there is no goal, so the betting strategy at 0-0 can be very effective. To win, you need to correctly approach the choice of a sporting event. The best matches are those between teams that are roughly equal in strength, since the probability of a goal at the beginning of the game in such matches is lower. At the same time, the odds for above 2.5 should be lower than 1.7. This means that according to the statistics on which bookmakers are oriented, the probability of a large number of goals in the game is minimal. This approach will allow you to maximise the chances of winning.The flat betting strategy requires a fixed bet size. It is characterised by high efficiency and ease of use, so that even beginners can succeed. It is necessary to determine the uniform size of the bet and choose the matches, the odds for the draw are 3.10 and higher. Thus, in order to remain in the black, it is enough to guess one forecast out of three.If you want to be guaranteed to make a profit, use the dogon system. The essence of this strategy is to select a team whose odds for a draw in games is 3 or more, and then bet until the bet wins. To compensate for lost money, each next bet should be increased by 1.5 times. Since the betting series can be quite long, the first amount should be quite small, since in the future you may have to multiply it many times. In addition, you need to take into account that the bookmaker can limit the size of the bet, which will make the next doubling impossible.


Whichever strategy or method of analysis of the match the player chooses, for their implementation it is necessary to register in a reliable bookmaker office. First of all, you should pay attention to the value of the odds. Most betting on a draw is done in Live mode, which allows you to follow the game and draw the appropriate conclusions. Of course, the higher the odds the bookmaker offers, the higher the punter’s profit with successful bets.