Carlos Fernandez and Deportivo fly high

OCT 13, 2018

Deportivo has taken the measure of the second suit, and it is perfect. The Coruñeses got rid of an Elche that put his will, but was outdone from start to finish, to sign a strong victory that allows them to sleep in a position of direct promotion. The Coruñeses already fly high, as well as a Carlos Fernández who made Quique forget his absence with a hat-trick that had everything: a header, a work of art and a gift. A party for a Riazor that is becoming a real fort, and also without scaffolding.The night started windy and with a Depor that went out to the field to try to solve the ballot on the fast track. Carles Gil and Carlos immediately noticed, but the Elche did not decompose. In fact, as Pacheta announced, the ilicitanos, on the back of Borja and Benja, went to Dani Giménez as soon as they could. The problem was that little by little the Coruñeses took possession of the ball until almost monopolizing it. Possession and recovery well above the premises, order and firmness visitor waiting for your opportunity. The duel became almost a rondo over the area of ​​a José Juan who, when he played, as happened with a distant and powerful shot from Pablo Marí, also answered. Scratching, touching and centering, Depor could not find the waterway, so Natxo remembered the strategy. Perfect corner at the near post by Krohn-Dehli, Carlos's best shot to dispel fears for the absence of the sanctioned Quique. The goal freed the Blue and Whites, even some relaxed, because Carles Gil was one step away from giving away the tie in a lousy cession that up to three players from Elche did not know how to solve. Scare, and something more.With the score against, Elche changed the plan in the second half and went to look for Deportivo in their field. Those of Pacheta began to carry danger, but also to leave spaces that did not exist before. It was an all or nothing, which multiplied with the entry of Nino by Manolín in 58 '. And soon Cruz came out after a great play by Carlos Fernández. Dodge on Neyder, cut over Juan Cruz and flat shot to the near post. All a work of art. And two minutes later, the third, this pleasure after an unfortunate slip of José Juan. Borja Valle, who came back after an injured month, marked the fourth to the feast of Riazor. And the Berciano striker even had the fifth, but he found the club and José Juan.
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