Chicharito arrives in Russia 2018 with his worst scoring share in Europe

Chicharito arrives in Russia 2018 with his worst scoring share in Europe

2018 May 16

Javier Hernandez, the top scorer in the history of the Tri, looking for Russia 2018 is his first World Cup as a starter, however, the present that lives is not the best, as he just sealed his worst season, in terms of scoring quota, since arrived in Europe in 2010. The eight goals he made in the football year with West Ham, is something similar to the moment he lived before Brazil 2014, where he ended up being a substitute.

Osorio reveals list of Mexican Selection for World Cup Russia 2018

The coach of the Tri released 28 names of players and cut the list after the friendly against Scotland.

Chicharito surprised in his first season in the old continent, because he made 20 goals, after his participation in South Africa 2010, where he added 169 minutes in the four commitments in which he was required. In that World Hernandez scored two goals, one against France in the group stage and another against Argentina.

Four years later, before Brazil 2014 registered, until that moment, his season with fewer goals. The minutes he had with Manchester United were reduced, so he could only score nine times.

In spite of not arriving in good time, it seemed that he would be the starting striker of Miguel Herrera, they are, it was not like that. Chicharito did not start any of the four games that Mexico faced, but it did participate in all of them as a change. In total he added 75 minutes of the 360 ​​possible.

Now for Russia 2018, the forward who will arrive at 30 years of age, presents his worst numbers since he arrived in Europe. Javier scored eight goals with West Ham, which reached him to be the second best scorer of the team below Marko Arnautovic.

Chicharito lost prominence with the Hammers since David Moyes arrived, but it was more noticeable in the last semester, when he only participated in 13 of the 18 games that West Ham had, of which only in five he started.
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