Chukwueze and Pedraza are the great attractions in Vienna

NOV 8, 2018

Not everything is bad sensations in Villarreal. If in the league he is downcast and in Europe he walks in fits and starts, he does it mainly because of his lack of success facing the goal and leaving many details of class. There are also green shoots, Not only Fornals is managing to cover the Gerard's gaffe, the irregularity of Trigueros or the unknown of Ekambi. Chekwueze and Pedraza, the two adolescent wings that Calleja has been entrusted with, are giving a magnificent result. The Nigerian debuted in First against Levante with veteran ways and today he is expected to play in one of the two bands. The Spanish international Sub-21 and follows him to Madrid (22 million clause) and this time could return to the left: Jaume Costa is suspended. In Vienna, they attract all the lights.

Villarreal won Rapid a fortnight ago with force (5-0). However, its current situation, bordering on the decline in the league and second in the Europa League, does not allow trusts. The opponent will be injured after the match of La Cerámica, comes to tie in their championship (is 19 points behind the leader) and in Europe stands out as the team with the most defeats in the history of the competition. His coach (Kühbauer, former player of the Real), arrived a month ago and has not improved anything that there was. It is already in question for a hobby accustomed to champion. The Rapid has, among other titles (including two in Germany at the time of the Reich), 32 Leagues, although the last one conquered it ten years ago. That competitive gene is never lost and Calleja knows it. For that reason, it will mix the youth of the quarry with its reliable seniority. It is again the night for Mario, Bonera, Víctor Ruiz and Cazorla.

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