Cristiano always returns, Mourinho never dies

Cristiano always returns, Mourinho never dies

2018 Nov 8

Juve-Manchester United gave us two very clear lessons: Cristiano always returns, Mourinho never dies. Just after the goal with which the striker interrupted his goalless scoring in the 453-minute Champions League, the coach of the Portuguese coach resurrected, achieving a decisive victory for his career towards the classification and, perhaps, his season.

After a good start by the Red Devils, who tried to avoid the Bianconero domination of the first leg, with the passage of minutes the script began to resemble the one we saw at Old Trafford: the Juve was growing, holding on to an always active Christian, and from a center of the exmadridista was born the most dangerous play, with Khedira who, only in the heart of the area, hit the post.

The English team had an attempt to react after the break, but Vecchia Signora had woken up and the 1-0 was only a matter of time. Dybala returned to warn with a thread that ran into the crossbar, but its nice finish was the hors d'oeuvre before the main course of the night, which arrived in the 65th minute.

If touching the ball was not serving to knock down the wall of United, Juve opted for a simple change of plans: a long pass from Bonucci to Cristiano, who slipped behind the back and smashed the goal with a volley so powerful and stylistically perfect He broke the Champions drought in his own way.

Then, Pjanic and Cuadrado unbelievably wasted two opportunities to sentence and left Mourinho alive, a deadly mistake. His revulsives turned the tables between 88 'and 90': Mata put the tables with a wonderful free-kick, Fellaini combed for Pogba a Young center that Alex Sandro ended up getting in own door. It was over like that, 1-2, and Mou took his revenge in the middle of the field, holding his hand to his ear to hear better the insults of his old 'enemies' for his past inter. Never give him up for dead.

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