Dalic: "We will have to make our best match in the final"

2018 Jul 12

"The two teams have made merit to get here, but you can only win one, it's the sport, the football, you have to accept it as such," he said.What do you remember about the '98 match between France and Croatia ?: "I was in France, I lived the first three matches as an amateur, then I returned because I was active and the pre-season started. Suker, but then it could not be, they are great memories. "What do you expect from the final ?: "We have to prepare to play the best match of the tournament in the final, both teams have made merit to get here, but you can only win one. accept it as such. "What did you think of the public's support ?: "It was impressive, I want to thank you for your cheers throughout the match especially in the moments when we were the worst, I want to thank all the Croatians and all those fans of the region who are supporting ".How has your team physically endured a third extension ?: "That's a good question, I do not know, I did not want to make changes, but no player wanted to be changed." Two players acted with physical problems and endured the whole game. Costumes were tired, but the effort was worth it. "What did you think of the cries against Vida ?: "What I heard mainly were cries of encouragement to Croatia, nor do we want to enter into political issues."Did I expect this comeback ?: "I do not teach these players to play soccer, they already do it perfectly, I teach them other things, for example, to let them see that they could get here." Psychologically they have proven to be a very strong team. We have shown a lot of character in the three elimination matches in which we qualified in extra time. "What do you think of France ?: "There is not a team that reaches the final that is not a great team and has fantastic players, we will analyze them from tomorrow, now it's time to celebrate this classification and appreciate all the good things we've done".