Dele Alli has been releasing Newcastle's debut by Rafa Benitez

Dele Alli has been releasing Newcastle's debut by Rafa Benitez

2018 Aug 12

Pulling more quality than physical by the short time of preparation that have had the best players of the team, Tottenham Mauricio Pochettino managed to subdue in St James' Park to the Magpies of Rafa Benitez, stadium where they are always able to give much war even the biggest in the Premier League. Vertonghen first and Dele Alli later to break the tie that Joselu had put of head, they sealed a marker that could have been complicated for the Londoners.

And is that although the ball dominated Tottenham for virtually the entire match, the order of Newcastle and the limited preseason that have had some spurs got to see a game much more equal than dictates the level of both templates. In fact, the scoreboard was not going to get out of balance with plays on the grass, but it had to be the millimetric centers and the precise headers that decided who would take the first three points home.

In the 8th minute, a Eriksen corner combed by Dávinson Sánchez ended in the head of Jan Vertonghen for the ball to cross the bar and, although Dubravka was about to get the ball, goal line technology allied in this case with the Londoners conceding so much by just a few millimeters. But the joy of Pochettino's men was short-lived, as a superb Ritchie cross from which Dávinson could do much more allowed Joselu to return the equalizer to the scoreboard just three minutes later.

Reacted the Newcastle, could see that so recognizable mark of the Benitez teams with high pressure and much order, but the center that Serge Aurier put on 18 was impossible to defend so that the always undetectable Dele Alli finished finishing it at the bottom of the tights.

In the second half the Londoners improved, finished submitting the locals and almost scored the third on several occasions, despite the fact that Mohammed Diamé sent a ball to the post just after the second half that could have meant a draw and that the entrance of Atsu in the final minutes greatly improved the image of the whole of northern England.
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