Elche takes the first sip of morals in the Cup against Granada

Elche takes the first sip of morals in the Cup against Granada

2018 Sep 14

Moral suction for Elche in the Cup. Pacheta's team has added its first official victory of the season against Granada in a match matched in the first half but that was dismantled in favor of the franjiverde team after the expulsion of Adri Castellano, in the 37, and the penalty of Nico Aguirre three minutes later. Jony opened the way to victory and was one of those who took advantage of the tournament to seek prominence in the league. Those of Diego Martínez, on the contrary, saw their good start of the course cut and they were victims of the bad fario in this competition. Despite playing with one less, they grazed the extension.

The first act was a come and go for the areas. The Elche rode by the right of Josan although without finding that punch that comes missing in his Second return. Benja lit the wick with a high shot at the beginning. José Antonio and Pablo Vázquez, on behalf of Granada, premiered Francis in the goal. The Nigerian capped well on both occasions and took the first applause of the night. The five debutants enjoyed a prominent role. In addition to the goalkeeper, Juan Cruz and Redru claimed their place. And Jony, as a pivot, ruled in the center by cutting back and starting forward.

But football, like life, is often a matter of detail. On this occasion, Adri Castellano and Nico Aguirre were able to change the sign of destiny. In the 34, the lateral one received a pass of chest of Aguirre and after only standing before Francis it crashed in the crossbar. Three minutes later, Castellano saw the second yellow and left his team in inferiority. And on the next play, Aguirre deflected Redru's shot into his area with his hand. Jony did not forgive and opened the pass marking in the same goal that his brother Saul did on Tuesday with the National Team.

Diego Martínez reordered his slate with the entry of Víctor Díaz after the break. His team was not overwhelmed despite the inferiority and had options to force the extension. Nico Aguirre forced out to the stretch of Francis, who with the minutes alternated some intervention of merit with small shortcomings, but ended up being key. The sentence seemed to arrive shortly after. Jony had her head, in a center from the corner of Chuca, but Aaron avoided it point blank. In the next, Provencio shot mercilessly to close the pass.
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