Eye Milan, Chelsea and Psg on Bonucci

JUL 12, 2018

There are small signs, small but all in one direction, that lead Leonardo Bonucci away from Milan. It is something that has already been talked about, more or less full-bodied whispers have arrived. A year after the summer that brought him in the Rossoneri with the captain's armband, the former Juventus defensive central sees a future elsewhere. Which elements bring in this direction? Let's start from Milan, from budget requirements, from the fact that Bonucci has a top salary in a Milan that aims to return great in three years, but that must start again by containing the cost voice. So the game of necessity that makes virtue, could push to separate his own ways from those of Captain Leo.On the other hand, the two options on the table are greedy, and maybe they are (or become) even for the direct interested, who in a future abroad had also thought in his penultimate year of Juventus: then there was the City who had made the big voice bringing on the table 55-60 million. Nothing came of it. On one side the Psg of Tuchel, where Buffon arrived, where there are Neymar and Mbappé. On the other side there is Chelsea, with Sarri baptizing as the best choice that of a defensive central capable of setting. And who more than Leo, a defensive midfielder? If you do not wake up Mou ...
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