Fabian will remain at Eintracht and will be free in six months

2018 Sep 1

David Faitelson, an ESPN journalist, announced that he had a brief conversation with Fabián, who told him that he will not return to Chivas or Mexican football for the time being and will stay in Germany at Eintracht, where he still has a contract until June. .After his signing for Besiktas and Fenerbahce was frustrated a couple of times, Fabian will remain in Frankfurt before the market closes in most of the European leagues.That situation caused the midfielder to remain in the club that was looking for an outlet in this summer market to at least recover the investment he made almost three years ago when he acquired it from Guadalajara.Marco's options included Mexican soccer, where Chivas and Monterrey were looking for their services, in addition to the MLS, but in the end he will remain in the team, although his participation will be limited due to the coach's decision to seek accommodation in another site.With this, from the month of January, Fabián can now negotiate with any club to leave the following summer as a free footballer with which his letter would have no cost.