Football Analysis: How to do it like a PRO

Football Analysis: How to do it like a PRO

2018 Jun 6

We have met punters who, when asked why they choose a prediction, they answer "because that team is better, they are in a better position” or they bet over 2.5 goals because the last matches of the teams involved have ended like that. This is a wrong approach to an expert football analysis of a match and in the long run such a punter will lose. We would really be curious to see how many of those who superficially analyse the football matches, that is, only based on the the ranking and the latest results, have made profits from football bets in the last year.

Here are the aspects for a PRO football analysis :

Team Motivation

The first thing when analysing a match is by far this. A very good team can produce surprising results when it is not motivated.

The Statements Of Players, Coaches & Officials

Can all be attached to motivation, but it's different. If a coach declares "we come to defend ourselves” then you do not expect the team to score many goals. If a player states that the club has financial problems, then you do not expect his team to be very motivated.

Team Evolution In The Last Matches

Here we have to keep in mind the opponents encountered by the two teams in the last matches. If Manchester City have scored 4 times in the last 3 stages with QPR, Burnley and West Bromwich, it does not mean they will score when meeting Chelsea. Just as two extremely spectacular teams might make a goalless draw, even if both had scored during the previous matches. The home / away factor should also be taken into account when analysing the evolution of the last matches. It may be that a team plays perfectly at home and makes fewer points when away.

Absent players

An aspect neglected by many. A team without top scorers will have trouble scoring although during the last matches (with them in the field) the team scored a lot of goals. Just as a very well organised defence will have problems if important players are missing and if their replacement players do not rise to their level.

The Conditions In Which The Match Takes Place

Here the weather, the referee, the spectators, and the ground must be taken into account. Let's give some fictitious examples that can become relevant. A team that has scored 3 times during the last 2 matches played on proper turf could have big problems in a match played on uneven ground or in the rain. A referee known to whistle at the slightest mistake may prevent two technical teams from doing their usual game, and a team lacking supporters is no longer as motivated as when they have them in the stands.

Live Encounters - H2H Results

A very important factor for some, but in many ways irrelevant. You can not compare, for example, a Liverpool - Tottenham match to the same match played one year ago because there have been a lot of changes in both teams. So when you consider H2H encounters, you should take into account the changes that took place in the two teams. Also a new coach can make a difference.

If you look at these aspects when considering a football match, then the chances of winning more online sports bets are likely to increase considerably. It is true that it takes some time to analyse a match, but it is recommended to focus on only 3-4 competitions so you will have more time to analyse the matches in detail; in the long term results will certainly appear.
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