French Peter Luccin played for Marseille and Atletico de Madrid

French Peter Luccin played for Marseille and Atletico de Madrid

2018 May 16

Peter Luccin is one of very few soccer players who has defended the colors of the two teams that will play in the UEFA Europa League final, Atlético de Madrid and Marseille.

In some Spanish media they point to nine players who had the opportunity to play throughout history for Atlético de Madrid and Marseille, as Luccin; in others only three.

The former French footballer, now a coach in the United States, even thought he was the only one, after he made his debut in 1998 with the team from his hometown Marseille, where he spent three years to begin the pilgrimage between football in France and Spain, where played three seasons, from 2004 to 2007 with Atlético or Atletic, as he and many name the Madrid team.

Atlético de Madrid and Marseille will face each other for the first time in a UEFA Europa League final on Wednesday, starting at 2:45 p.m. Eastern time, in a match that will be broadcast on ESPN Deportes.

Luccin believes that the natural, almost unanimous favorite is Atlético, although he does not discard and would like a surprise from the French.

"From the quarter-finals, I spoke here with many colleagues and friends and told them that I saw a Marseille in the final," said Luccin in an interview with Radio Marca, of Spain. '' Very happy first; very happy because they are two teams that I love very much, more than a lot that they did a lot, very much for me. It is a tremendous joy. ''

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"Atletic has already won a lot, I would like them to leave a little space for my other team, which is Marseille," he added.

Luccin, 39, had a great professional career in Europe for Paris Saint Germain, Celta de Vigo, Atletico de Madrid, Zaragoza, Racing de Santander and Laussanne, before reaching the MLS in 2013 as a reinforcement of FC Dallas.

However, a knee injury ended his career as a player prematurely and advance the beginning of a process of his new passion, football coach.

He is one of the technical directors of the Development Academy of FC Dallas, that is, of the basic forces. His Sub 13 team was just crowned in the most important tournament of the continent, the Dallas Cup. In addition, it has a private academy, which increasingly has more prestige, thanks to the development shown by the students, men and women, and the level of all the coaches, led by him.

"Yes, I like it a lot and I still have a lot of passion in this sport and I want to launch myself in this race," said Luccin, referring to his aspirations to become a coach in the First Division of professional football.

That idea and knowledge to share and watch football, was something he observed from his former teammate, Diego '' Cholo '' Simeone, current coach of Atlético, with whom he alternated dressing in his first season (2007) with the Colchoneros.

"It looked like he would end up on a bench because of the way he could watch games, prepare games," he recalled on Simeone on Radio Marca. "Everyone there in the dressing room knew that 'El Cholo' was going to end up as a coach. ''

Luccin considered that the team of '' El Cholo '' Simeone plays according to his player and the conditions he may have.

'' I see many phases in this Atletic. One in which is the team that can suffer. It does not bother him to suffer, very well armed, with very close lines and he knows how to read the games on a defensive level like nobody in Europe, "he explained in the interview with the Spanish media.

"I also see an Atletic that when he can play, he knows how to play," he added.
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