Gary Medel revealed who is his great idol in football

Gary Medel revealed who is his great idol in football

2018 May 16

"The best soccer player of all time is the Brazilian Ronaldo," the Chilean confessed to the official Besiktas magazine. In addition, he spoke of his achievements.

Gary Medel has become an idol in Besiktas thanks to his great performances. In fact, he was a figure in the 3-1 triumph of the Águilas Negras over Fenerbahce of Mauricio Isla, by date 23 of the Ottoman league.

The one formed at Universidad Católica showed off with an outstanding save from the line, when the match was evenly matched and the goal of the rival team was imminent. Something that was highlighted and applauded by the Turkish fans.

After this popularity that has reached, the former Inter Milan was interviewed in the March edition of the club's official magazine regarding the affection shown to him by supporters.

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"There are thousands of hungry fans in the stands, how will you feed them, playing to death ... There is a feeling of giving everything and even kicking if necessary," said Pitbull.

Regarding his idol in football, Medel was clear at the time of noting that "I had no example in my position, I can say that I have a unique style, but as a footballer, the best of all time is the Brazilian Ronaldo. an idol although we play in different positions, I say it as an exclamation point ".

In addition, he explained his motivations and his present in Turkey. "I'm trying to be a good father to my children, I'm totally focused on giving them a good education, the way they grow is very important, I want people to be useful to the world, I want them to be respectful to the people around them." , he indicated.

And in the same vein, he confessed that "I love having a good time in Istanbul with my wife and children.Even when my in-laws travel, we all have fun together.We all love Turkey.We did not have much prior knowledge, but we informed ourselves about the culture And as we learn more and more, Turkey we love, I'm going crazy to meet more Turkish people and try to make Turkish friends. "

Finally, he detailed the most important moments of his career: "I have many international memories and successes with Sevilla, Boca Juniors, Universidad Católica, but the most important one for our football and that was remembered was the Copa América 2015. It was a time of fires and earthquakes in Chile The mood of the people was bad and the Copa America was a balm for the country. "
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