Great offer for Dennis Man! Manchester United puts on the table a historic sum for League One

Great offer for Dennis Man! Manchester United puts on the table a historic sum for League One

2018 Sep 14

Gigi Becali can make a spectacular hit on the transfer market. Sportskeeda's England team announced that Manchester United has made a serious bid to bring Dennis Man to Old Trafford, where Jose Mourinho wants it.

The quoted source claims that "Diavolii" are willing to pay up to 15 million euros in the next winter, but the FCSB financier really wants to enter the history of Romanian football: it requires 30 million euros to break up from the striker for 20 years . The most expensive player in the league was Nicolae Stanciu, who went to Anderlecht for almost 10 million euros, with bonuses.

"Have you seen Man? You will see him in a maximum of one year, you will see, I do not want to say in advance." Stanciu's money does not give him at this time either, "said Gigi Becali, Club "a month ago.

The British also recall the offer AS Roma made this summer for the U21 international, one also denied by the Pipera businessman. The information was recently confirmed by, a few days ago.

"In the summer, Monchi (the AS Roma sports director) made an attempt to transfer it, but the club in Romania refused the offer." Capitolii "could try to tempt him again in January, even if he remains fierce competition for him.

Manchester United remains at the top of the list, while Anderlecht stands in line. The following weeks are fundamental. Roma and United are thinking about a football player, but they are looking forward to an opening from the club that owns it, "the Italians wrote.

Dennis Man was bought in 2016 by FCSB from UTA for 350,000 euros. Gigi Becali has set a 20-year-old football player with a huge termination clause worth 100 million euros.

Man has scored ten goals in 34 past matches for the FCSB, and in the current season of the League 1 has already scored three times in seven games.

2.2 million is the amount at which Dennis Man is rated, according to
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