Guti has already joined Besiktas

2018 Jul 12

That position is only the first step of a plan that sees the Spanish as coach of the first team in the not too distant future. Guti Hernández arrived at the concentration of the Turkish team in Austria this afternoon to start his new mission as the club's second coach. AS had already announced to its readers last Sunday the date of incorporation of the former Madrid player.Guti will join the coaching staff of Şenol Güneş and Ilhan Mansiz. This last former international of the Turkish national team.That position is only the first step of a plan that the club's leadership hopes for its fruits in the future and that Guti sees as the team's first coach, in the not too distant future.Today, the arrival of Álvaro Negredo is expected at the Besiktas concentration. The Spanish striker suffered an injury that has kept him away from the playing fields, and therefore had not been able to train with the team during the first stage of the preseason.