Herrerin is injured!

2018 Aug 9

The football things. On the first day of Kepa, as a Chelsea player in London, Herrerín was injured in Lezama. The problem in his right arm has come in the final part of the training. It may have been a bad gesture to take out. In addition, Aduriz had also retired some time ago from the Athletic session. The reason is still unknown.Herrerin and Remiro remain guardians of the rojiblanco goal following Kepa's march to Stamford Bridge. This weekend comes the final rehearsal in that double date of Germany with Hannover and Augsburg. It will be necessary to see if Herrerín can participate. After a bad gesture, he has emitted signs of pain and disappointment. Of rage on the lawn before having to leave the green in the company of Dr. Angulo.His place in the match was occupied by Hodei Oleaga, of Bilbao Athletic, who, when crossing the road, explained his problem to him. The initial medical report indicates that he has a "right brachial biceps muscle injury. Additional tests will be carried out. Pending evolution "