Historical day in Huesca

Historical day in Huesca

2018 Sep 14

Huesca and its entire province are ready for a historic premiere in the best league in the world and Rayo Vallecano will be the guest for a First party . The Alcoraz will live the most special night of its 46 years of history and for this it has been prepared during the last three months with a work of extension and conditioning that has been completed in record time.

It will not be the first game of this season for Leo Franco and his team, but the nerves of the premiere against his fans will run through the stomachs of the Catalans. Only thirteen players on the squad know what it is like to play at the Huesca stadium and the coaching staff and the ten signings arrived on the summer market have only been exercised on one occasion. The lack of filming as locals will palliate the 7,638 gorges that will tuck the Altoaragoneses from the stands.

Cucho and Melero will once again be the favorites of an audience that expects expectantly the debut of their team and the premiere of the multiple improvements of a field that has lived later in Tercera than in another category. Precisely, the Colombian and the Madrid will be the stars that will try to guide the Huesca to their first victory as locals in the top flight of Spanish football.

Leo Franco has tried to hide the lineup that will put him in the limelight against Rayo, but little will change to the one that the Argentine has repeated during the first three days. With the 4-4-2 as an irremovable system, the coach will try to overcome the only team that was ahead of the Aragonese last year in the Second Division.

A Rayo Vallecano that arrives with the need to score, after losing in the first two days. In addition, the inactivity due to the fact that in day three did not play, it can be a handicap for those of Míchel. Of course, some of the latest signings will debut, as Raúl de Tomás, who will re-re-start with Rayo, after doing the preseason with Madrid.
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