In one way or another, the Welshman has exposed all his coaches at Real Madrid.

2018 Oct 10

The controversy returns to plan on Gareth Bale and is not a new scenario. The Welshman traveled with his team and wants to play against Spain on Thursday, something that bothers Madrid after it was erased from the second half against Atlético due to some discomfort (the tests revealed that he was not injured), of the trip to Moscow ( Madrid lost against CSKA) and asked for a change against Alavés with 20 minutes left and with 0-0 (although before taking a foul shot: Bale asked for the change thinking about playing against the National Team). Madrid ended up losing 1-0 ... This behavior of Bale ("He is afraid of getting injured", they recognize in the white medical corps) has forced Lopetegui to change his plans on the fly and has put him in trouble. Now, the Welshman ("fatigued muscularly though not injured", say in the club) is willing to play against the Spanish national team on Thursday and Madrid has formally asked his team to rest. Without Cristiano, Bale is called to lead the new post-Christian Madrid, but the frequent pains of the Welshman expose the team and its new coach ...AncelottiIn one way or another, Bale has given a headache to all the coaches he has had at Real Madrid. Recorded in 2013 for 101 million (the most expensive in history at that time) for Florentino Perez's effort and not for the need of the team, his arrival forced Ancelotti to find him a place in the eleven. He succeeded in removing Di Maria from the right wing despite the fact that this was not the place of the Welshman (he acquired notoriety on the left, first as a side and then in attack). It was the birth of the trident formed by Bale, Benzema and Cristiano, the famous bbC, three players who only looked at the attack and committed the team in defense. Ancelotti remedied the imbalance with Di Maria in midfield, plan that gave the Tenth. Solved the first entanglement, Carletto was again compromised by the Welshman in the second season.