In search of the goal lost in the difficult fortress of Orriols

In search of the goal lost in the difficult fortress of Orriols

2018 Nov 9

Levante and Real Sociedad open the twelfth game tonight in the Ciutat. An always attractive match . The best visitor of the championship threatens the fortress of Orriols where Paco López's have already begun to plant their foundations after the irregular beginning of the championship. Now, the granotas go through what could be said to be their best moment of the season with four wins and a draw (which for just two minutes was not the fifth followed). They are close to Europe (with a triumph today, would sleep third), but the important thing is that they are far from the descent.

Beyond the time, let's talk about the place. Nothing propitious for the Donostiarras. Just one victory in his nine appearances there. Bad baggage txuriurdin and good precedents granotas to which they always were given the Real well. But every year is a story. Every party is a world. So little will Paco Lopez and Garitano think about it when it comes to encouraging and educating their own. Eleven to eleven and to play.

And who. The protagonists of the story are, more or less clear. Paco could draw an eleven that will be short for the gala. He loses to Rochina by injury, but there is the rest of the artillery. Prcic will supply you. Less quality, more muscle. It will be necessary to see if to Toño passes to him invoices its excesses and exits of the pot. Although Paco is not unnecessary punishments either. The rest, the usual. With Commander and gunman in the front. Of the other side, Garitano clings to the freshness that leaves Januzaj. Without great praise but as a ray of hope in the nullity offensive. Almost 300 minutes without seeing the door are many. Will today be a good day to break the streak? It does not look like it. Taking into account the good level of a rearguard led by Postigo with Robert and Chema of squires. Cabaco wants to get there, but complicated. The swords are at the top and the teams, at half board. We will see ...

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