Inter Milan vs Spal Match Report

2018 Oct 12

At the Paolo-Mazza stadium, Inter Milan won against Spal (1-2) thanks to Icardi, on the occasion of the 8th day of Serie A.This Sunday, the Spal Ferrara received Inter Milan at the Paolo-Mazza Stadium on the 8th day of Serie A. With goals from Mauro Icardi (doubled), against a goal of Alberto Paloschi, Inter has won (1-2) and goes on to win a third consecutive victory.Icardi's goal, assisted by Perisic, allowed the Milan club to take control of the match in the 78th minute (1-2). Mauro Icardi had cleared the head count for Inter Milan in the 14th minute, assisted by Vrsaljko (0-1). Spal had returned to the score in the 72nd minute thanks to Alberto Paloschi, following a pass from Fares (1-1).In the 18th minute, Mirko Antenucci could have equalised for the Spal Ferrara but missed his penalty.The clash was tense. Spal, Lazzari (31), Valoti (50), Missiroli (52), Schiattarella (84), Luiz (86) and Felipe (86) were notified by Fabio Maresca and two others from Inter : Vrsaljko (52) and Miranda (80).Leonardo Semplici's team was significantly more dangerous with 5 shots on goal (out of 8 attempts in total) against 3 for Nerazzurri (out of a total of 7). Possession was fairly balanced between the two formations, slightly to the benefit of the Milanese (53% against 47%).Mauro Icardi was a major part of his club by registering the 2 goals of his formation.Following this meeting, Milan, 16 points, climbs to the 3rd place of the ranking, while Ferrara falls to the 14th place with nine points.The next matches of Spal and Inter MilanOn October 20, SPAL Ferrara will be on the AS Roma field as part of the 9th round of Serie A. Inter Milan will host AC Milan on October 21st, on the same occasion.Inter Milan vs Spal fact sheet
  • Spal - Inter  : 1-2 (0-1 at half time)
  • In Ferrara (Paolo-Mazza Stadium), October 7, 2018
  • Referee: Fabio Maresca
  • Goals: Alberto Paloschi (72) for Spal, Mauro Icardi (14th and 78th) for Inter
  • Warnings: Lazzari (31), Valoti (50), Missiroli (52), Schiattarella (84), Luiz (86) and Felipe (86) for Spal, Vrsaljko (52) and Miranda (80) for Inter
  • No ejected players
  • Coach of Inter Milan: Luciano Spalletti
  • Composition of Inter Milan: Handanovic (1), Vrsaljko (2), Skriniar (37), Miranda (23), Asamoah (18), Vecino (8), Nainggolan (14), Valero (20) [then Martinez in the 77th], Balde (11) [then Politano in the 67th], Icardi (9) [then Gagliardini in the 82nd] and Perisic (44)
  • Spal Ferrara coach: Leonardo Semplici
  • Composition of Spal Ferrara: Gomis (1), Felipe (27), Cionek (4), Djourou (3), Valoti (8) [then Luiz in the 79th], Schiattarella (28), Missiroli (6) [then Moncini in the 83rd], Lazzari (29), Antenucci (7) [then Paloschi in the 66th], Petagna (37) and Fares (93)