It was a draw and Spain won

It was a draw and Spain won

2018 Oct 13

Spain was the great favor of the tie between Croats and English that leaves both at the expense of what the team of Luis Enrique is able to do on Monday against England at Villamarín. A Spanish victory will certify its mathematical classification for the Final Four. No more arguing in the group.

The party between the aspirants had little brightness and a lot of traffic jam. England was clear about his plan and was close to executing it with precision. Southgate changed his drawing from three centers to one with four defenses that added Rashford to the starting lineup, although he did not alter the booklet. A physical team, hard in the clash, intense in midfield, capable of complicating anyone who, like Croatia, bets on the ball.

The more the Croatian side wanted to start the game, the more suffocating was the pressure on their brains. Dier stuck to Modric, Henderson to Rakitic. It was hard for Croatia to maintain possession and there diluted a good part of their options. The grass did not accompany either. The ball was like a rabbit, uncontrollable even for people of the technical level of Modric.

Tactically the game was very rich, although not very showy. The pressure of both turned midfield into a mall on the first day of sales. In that jam England felt more comfortable, although, as in the World Cup, its best players -Rashford, Sterling, Kane- were more dedicated to hinder than to invent. His options were set and this was about to overtake Dier to the English on the brink of rest. Le palo spit out his auction.

Croatia wanted to put electricity into the game, but it cost him. The passage of minutes did open something more melon and emerged the figure of Kramaric, which hovered the goal of Pickford more than any other. Still, the sense of danger remained English. Rashford had two hands to hand to Livakovic for the good work of the goalkeeper and the poor condition of the turf, a disaster for a tournament and the fact that the game was played behind closed doors. There should be more logical sanctions for the federations than playing without an audience and turning that into a cemetery. Even the product that UEFA tries to sell with this League of Nations was tarnished by such a cold environment.

Another who could score and was left with the desire was Kane. A header, also on set pieces, repelled the crossbar in a new finding that if any deserved the goal was the English team. But it did not come. Neither Sancho arrived. The new jewel of English football left details in his debut that presage a splendid future, but a present that is not enough for England to threaten the place of Spain in the Final Four. Or so it seems. On Monday the doubts will be solved. If Spain wins the English, it will be among the best four of the League of Nations. Not so bad.
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