Juventus, now Sarri pushes for Higuain to Chelsea

2018 Jul 12

The Pipita where I put it, good question. Standing places are scarce in the new Juventus. Especially in attack where Emperor CR7 arrived and someone is too much. Sorry to say, the streets, clues and signs lead to Gonzalo Higuain. Net of the statements of Nicolas, the brother-agent-confidant. Not too many days ago, when Cristiano had not yet materialized but was about to do so, Nicolas had shot a sensational "what a couple would be with Ronaldo ...". Here it is not a game of couples, sorry to contradict it. Because Allegri's offensive formula would recite a 4-2-3-1 in the last thirty meters where Cristiano is the terminal potential and behind him there would be the triumph of offensive outsiders and trequartists. And what, then, would the couple play be able to marry - tactically speaking - the Portuguese UFO and Gonzalo? There is no game, rather a choice. Made by Juve. And that the divorce is less painful, in compliance with the 94 million clause in 2016 - not ten years ago - and that had shifted the spotlight on the former Naples idol.Here's how Juventus will play with Cristiano Ronaldo. Here's how Juventus will play against Cristiano Ronaldo Nicolas's bluff is legitimate, simply because here we are talking about a boat of money and probably the last, true, career contract. The bluff was masked over a month ago, between 5 and 6 June, when the starving Ramadani greedily contacted him. Yet the deal to unlock Sarri-Chelsea was at the foot of the climb and looked like Mortirolo. But Ramadani, who takes care of the Blues market with the same attention to the details of a family company, obviously loves to move in advance. Memorized the yes of the Pipita, his availability certified by previous statements ("If I left Italy, I would like the Premier"), it was decided to wait for the next stages.