Klopp broke out: "Nations League, the most unnecessary competition!

2018 Oct 11

Jurgen Klopp is pleasantly impressed by the performance of his Premier League players, but also dissatisfied with the fact that they will leave to play for their national teams in the Nations League.In the opinion of Jurgen Klopp, the Nations League is not a very worthy competition: "Unfortunately, the boys are leaving again in the Nations League, the most unnecessary football competition in the world!" Jurgen Klopp told the press from England.What interests him most about the German is that the Liverpool players return to the perfect team: "We hope the players will come back healthy, to compete in the Premier League and the Champions League" , added Klopp.Liverpool is on the podium in England, with 20 points in 8 stages, tie to Manchester City and Chelsea. In the Sunday match, Jurgen Klopp's team drew Manchester City 0-0.In the next round of the championship, Liverpool will meet Huddersfield, scheduled on Saturday, October 20th. On October 24, the English will win in the UEFA Champions League with Belgrade Red Star.