Levante feasts and leaves Athletic Bilbao in LaLiga

2018 Dec 4

Bad looks have the Athletic left by the Levante in the UVI and with Berizzo on the verge of definitive disengagement. Neither with morphine is valid in these cases. The granotas were given a feast at the expense of a team touched with a goal at the edge of the break and sunk as those of Paco López grew. The Catalans, with 21 points, get a half permanence in their pocket even with five days ahead of the first round. And they sleep upstairs. License to dream, although with a small mouth still.

Chema's goal broke all the schemes. After a first half equalized the Levante found the prize almost on the horn. In a trabucada play, after a pair of rejections, the center shot Herrerín inside the small area. It had not happened much more in the first 45 minutes beyond the constant pique between Aduriz and Cabaco that at times went beyond the words. And the controversial action of the night when Latre went to review the VAR before a possible expulsion of Núñez that stayed in yellow. It was not so much to load the game.

Of course, in terms of occasions, the two best had Athletic. First with San Jose only at the penalty spot when providentially appeared Róber Pier to stand in his way. And a good pass from Beñat that left Aduriz alone before Oier but he did not hit the shot. That was the slogan of Athletic: balls on the back of the central. And it went well. With Williams destroying the Barca behind in speed and De Marcos also arriving with danger from the right. But just that. I hit none.

Little changed the script at the start of the second act. Only Susaeta, for Ganea who left injured. Williams was still raging and the granotas were hoping to hunt some. Rochina tried from afar. Also Jason. Roger finished off a good center of Toño that was grazing the stick. He smelled the second one. And it arrived. With a great play on the right, Jason, Campaña and Morales who ran into a good stop Herrerín who could not with the second shot of the Sevillian to the network.

Athletic was mortally wounded. And more than he could have been if De Marcos does not appear out of nowhere to cross in Morales' career when he only had to push the net to the third with Herrerín sitting on the ground after making a pass. The midfield granota had eaten the lions with a Rochina liking, Bardhi taking out the quality and Campaign in All-star plan. Tiki taka granota. And so the third came. Pim pam pum, Morales, Campaña and the gunman Roger who did not miss his appointment with the goal.

That's where Athletic and the match ended. A team, the rojiblanco, knocked out, overcome in everything, without strength to get up from the canvas. Powerless. Like Nolaskoain who could break Morales' ankle. With the studs in front. Red direct, VAR through, although it was not necessary. A little more than a quarter of an hour ahead. The Levant was not to death to make blood and the Berizzo endured the downpour. They could do the honor but Oier flew to stretch his arm. Boateng had the fourth in the second suit but he did not hit. And so the thing remained. Joy and illusion in Orriols. Concern in Bilbao.