Lewandowski-Bayern Munich, is now a wall against a wall

The Polish striker wants to move elsewhere, the Bavarian club is clear: "We must bring a 200 million offer otherwise we do not even raise the phone"Between Robert Lewandowski and Bayern Monaco we are on the wall against the wall. In recent days, the Polish forward has expressed his desire to change the air but the move does not seem to have softened the Bavarian leadership that is not willing to offer any slide. According to reports from today's edition of the Bild newspaper, Bayern would have leaked an almost total closure by setting a crazy price. "If his agent does not hold a 200 million bid, we do not even raise the phone," would be the result of the talk about Zahavi who proposed his client to Manchester United, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain but no of these options seems about to take off.Also because Lewandowski would like to go to Real Madrid at all costs and the goodbye of Zinedine Zidane seems to have rekindled his hopes since the Frenchman was not convinced of the operation. Now we have to wait for the new coach and the domino effect that will be generated by a possible goodbye by Ronaldo and / or Bale.
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