Live Betting

Live Betting

2018 Jun 18

What is live betting?

Live betting is the opportunity to bet on sports events as they occur. Customers will be able to bet live on almost every sport in the world including Football, American Football (NFL), Baseball, Basketball and many more. Live betting gives you the right to action!

The live betting screen will have bets available on each field, each contact with the ball, or each strike. The offers on live betting sites are full of different types of bets allowing punters to bet on all types of sports. In a live action sport such as football, live sports betting will change regularly throughout the game, depending on the score and the performance of each team.

In sports like NFL football, where there are many breaks, live odds will disappear or freeze at half-time. The odds will then reappear before the next half starts and will be adjusted according to the results of the previous half. Customers can then choose from different betting proposals and place their bet on the next game or on the result. Live bets will be restored in a short time after the game and the wager will appear in your available funds.

Live betting offers an incredible amount of results on every match, encounter or possession. If you want to bet on your favourite hockey player or bet that your favourite football team will score an equaliser goal in the 91st minute, the live betting offers unique opportunities with regards to sports betting.

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