Liverpool, willing to pay up to 90 million for Dybala

2018 Jul 12

According to the Argentine media TyC, the English club wants to take advantage of the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus to take the Argentine crack.The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo by Juventus began to have repercussions in different ways (in the price of the Italian club in the stock market, for example) even before it materialized, with what it is expected that after the officiality of the agreement the tonic will be Similary.In this sense, in Argentina the change of air of the Portuguese is already being felt. TyC has affirmed this Wednesday that Liverpool would like to take advantage of the situation to take over the services of Dybala, for which it would give up to 90 million euros.Always according to the mentioned means, the English club would have put in contact with the surroundings of the Argentine player, who is of vacations in his country and has not been informed of the movements of the turinese entity, of which he has been finding out by the means . The Anfield team would like to take advantage of Cristiano's total prominence from now on to promise more focus and care to Dybala in England.