'Luis Garcia's Chinese newspaper': # 9 offer players from Spain

2018 May 17

The Spanish coach Luis Garcia Plaza analyzes every week in AS his adventure in Chinese football and the peculiarities with which he is. 'Ni Hao China'!Defeat 1-0 in a very disputed game with many problems for us since we played without 3 foreigners for various mishaps that occurred in the previous game and during the week. In addition we had to live the strange play of the week, in the goal of Henan Jianye, the assistant cancels the goal, the referee consults with the VAR and after deliberating, validates the goal.When the game ended, almost all the media said that the goal had to be canceled, that the assistant was correct in his decision and that the VAR had erred with his analysis. By a few millimeters it seems out of play, which makes us see how difficult it is for a referee to hit everything he whistles and that even with the VAR it is impossible to hit 100%. Bad luck, even if it cost us 1 point, to think about the next match against the champion of the last 7 seasons, the mighty Guangzhou Evergrande.But that game has a more remarkable feature than what is sporting, it is the last before a break of 8 weeks due to the celebration of the World Cup where I hope that Spain plays great and makes us dream everyone with the possibility of getting something big.A different plan to the one we have always worked with, with almost 2 preseasons within the same season, we will give 3 weeks of holidays in which I am looking forward to flying to Spain and enjoy together with my family and friends this rest, then we will return to Beijing to train for 1 week to then go to the city of Shenyang where we will be concentrated for 2 weeks to return to Beijing 2 weeks before the first game.As we have always talked, very different circumstances to those that I have lived throughout my career that makes us have to take everything into account for the development of the season which is presented very even and with much to fight to achieve our goal of the salvation. Another situation is that the summer market opens to be able to make some addition to the second part of the season and the truth is that the offers of players are many and even some well-known names in Spanish football.I'm not going to say names, everything has to remain confidential, but of course the number of players who would like to come to a growing league both in sports and economics such as the Superleague would not leave more than one indifferent, but by the current rules where there can only be 4 foreigners per team and for the luxury tax for which from 5.7 million euros you have to pay the same amount to the league, the possibilities (at least for our team ) are quite limited.I say goodbye to you until the next game that will be around June 20 or so.