Lukaku: "Mou is a winner who does not hide his emotions"

Lukaku: "Mou is a winner who does not hide his emotions"

2018 Sep 14

Manchester United's Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku, in which he explains people have the wrong image of their coach, José Mourinho: "People who know him know that he is a winner but what When he gets mad at you it's because he's pissed off I do not understand people who do not like his authenticity When he's happy, he's happy And when he gets mad at me I try to do what he wants to come back be happy".

The Belgian striker considers himself a strong guy and does not bother criticism: "Sometimes the players relax a little.If you listen to the players, a coach could not say he wants a player because he would feel attacked, but I do not I feel attacked because that is how I am, I am a tough man. "

Lukaku wanted to highlight the authenticity of his coach, because from his experience, others do not reflect what they really think when things go wrong: "My relationship with him is good, he makes us laugh and he's a family guy. Most of the league's coaches try to appear happy when they are not, they should respect that he wants to maintain his personality and not be embarrassed by confrontations, he really wants to improve, he's a normal guy and he's good with everybody".

In the interview, he also talked about the importance of having Ronald Koeman as a coach and stressed that his influences are his assistant coach in Belgium, Thierry Henry and the players who passed him as Chelsea forward, Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka.
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