Madrid's squad has 46 Champions; Liverpool's, only one

Madrid's squad has 46 Champions; Liverpool's, only one

2018 May 17

Real Madrid dominate in the Champions League, as shown by its three titles in the last four editions, which can be four in five if it is imposed on Liverpool in Kiev on May 26. There is also clear dominance in the European Cup titles that the white squad accumulates: no less than 46, distributed among 17 players, with Cristiano leading the way with four (one with United, three with Madrid) and Asensio closing the list, with the twelfth achieved in Cardiff against Juventus (in that final the Balearic put the 4-1 final).

Up to 15 of the 17 Real Madrid Champions League players have achieved all their European titles with the white shirt; only Cristiano and Kroos (three titles, one with Bayern and two with Madrid) know what it is to win it in defense of another shield. If Madrid wins in the capital of Ukraine, that total could be raised by 23, one for each member of the squad (Luca Zidane has not entered any final call in Champions, only add if he does in the final, unlikely in the presence of Casilla), taking the total count to 69. Contrast with the poor baggage of Liverpool: only one title, the one achieved by Emre Can with Bayern in 2012-13, in an edition in which he did not play nor One minute, he was only on the bench in a game of the group stage.

If you win 12 + 1, Madrid would open an even bigger gap with the rest of the European teams, over which you already dominate in this aspect overwhelmingly: the second on the list, Barcelona, ​​has 22 Champions in its squad , less than half the white people right now. Next on the list is Bayern Munich, with 12 titles; The Bavarians are the last non-Spanish team to have won a Champions League, the one of the 2012-13 against Borussia in the final, and that triumph has kept several players like Neuer, Boateng, Alaba, Ribéry, Robben ...

And in the fourth position tie Chelsea and PSG, both with seven titles, although of very different origin. While in the London squad two of the seven titles, David Luiz and Cahill, come from the Champions Chelsea won in 2011-12 at the Allianz Arena, in the French team none of the seven victories were achieved in Paris , because the PSG does not know what it is to raise the ear: Alves won three with Barca, Motta one with Barca and another with Inter, Neymar one with Barca and Di Maria one with Madrid.

Below this Top-5 are Besiktas with six (Pepe with three, Adriano with two and Quaresma with one), Manchester City with four and Oporto with three, all owned by Iker Casillas, the oldest European champion who he's still active: he won his first Champions League in 2000, at the Stade de France in Paris against Valencia (3-0). It is surprising that at Atlético, a team that has brushed up to twice the maximum continental title (2014 and 2016), there is only one player with the Champions in his personal record: Fernando Torres, with Chelsea in 2011-12. The Valencia, for example, equals thanks to the Champions that Montoya won with Barça.
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