Manu Vallejo qualifies to Cadiz with a goal in the last minutes

Manu Vallejo qualifies to Cadiz with a goal in the last minutes

2018 Sep 13

The Cádiz continues in the Copa del Rey by eliminating Tenerife in the extension. Nothing else to start, the locals had the first option when the Cadiz defense played poorly offside, but Nano sinned generous and when giving the pass to Naranjo, the ball gave in a defense that almost gets, but David Gil reacted. Then came the 0-1: Agra sent a beautiful center to the blue and white area where everyone doubted, except Dani Romera, who put the head and sent the ball to the net.

He could equal Tenerife after a bad pass back from Agra, but Nano's shot went just wide of the mark. The striker again counted on another, but it took him a long time to finish and they blocked the shot. In another burst attack, Etxeberria had two very clear: the first was for Paco Montañés, but the goalkeeper deflected dramatically and then Nano nodded to the net, although in an advanced position. To the sound of the passes of Undabarrena and the boarding schools of Suso, the insular dominated the ball, but without breaking the last line of the Cadiz, which at times was very hesitant.

In the final section of the first part, the Cervera painting began to like with the passes, making his rival run who was already beginning to notice the fatigue. However, on the stroke of the end Nano had another (and failed again) and in the rebound, Naranjo shot to the right post. After the break, the newly entered Manu Vallejo forced Ángel Galván to send the ball to the corner with a very intentional shot. Cervera also got Salvi for the missing Lekic, who barely touched the ball in the first half.

A lack of Naranjo that sought goal went through an endless number of legs, but was also with the goal of Cádiz, which repelled. The Cádiz answered with a distant shot from Correa that went very high. In a long ball from the home goalkeeper, Servando crashed hard with his own goalkeeper and had to leave on a stretcher for a hard blow to his face.

Etxeberria got Milla and Malbasic, but the situation did not change. Cadiz was much stronger in the second half and Tenerife did not know how to get there. The end of the match showed a Tenerife with a lot of heart, but without ideas to achieve equality. And with three minutes remaining, Carlos Ruiz established parity with a good header at the first post. When he already smelled the extension, came the saving goal of Manu Vallejo that got the Cadiz in the next round.
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