Maradona does not want to come back to Argentina's bench

2018 Oct 9

Diego Maradona, coach of the second Mexican league at Dorados de Sinaloa, launched a new tough attack on the president of the Argentine Federation, for which he is not interested in returning to the bank of his country's national."I have many things to do here, but Argentina's national team is full of traitors and I do not want to," Maradona attacked in an interview with the Argentine Infobae site, referring to the "Albiceleste" who won the Cup World Cup 1986 in Mexico, as a player, and coached it in 2008-2010.The Argentine replies that he has contributed to the election of Claudio Tapia to the presidency of the Argentine Football Association (AFA)."I wanted a new AFA and that's why I chose Tapia, and I'm guilty, he said he would do a lot of things and did nothing, it's treason, and I do not like the traitors," he said. said the South American.At age 57, Maradona criticized Boca Juniors' level of play under the leadership of President Daniel Angelici and claims that striker Carlos Tevez is not "the player of the people," reproaching him, considered by some the new Maradona, contact with Argentine President Mauricio Macri."He is a Macri supporter, and whoever is Macri's side can not be with the people in any way." Besides, 'Carlitos' is a fantastic player who can decide things on the field,' he added Pibe d'Oro "."I would like to be Boca's coach," Maradona said.