Marcelo was very close to signing for Hamburg

2018 Jun 27

Marcelo was about to sign for Hamburg in 2006, when he was still playing in Fluminense. The German media publishes the statements of one of his scouts, Harald Spörl, who even acknowledges that they met with the Brazilian on several occasions: "After the first game I called Didi Beiersdorfer (at that time the president of Hamburg) and said: ' You have to come for Marcelo, he's one of us. '"They say that they taught him through a computer the Hamburg field, as well as the fans that were waiting for him there, but finally they gave up because they could not make a bigger offer: "I met with Marcelo and his father in Rio. very interesting at that time, but still not so present in the European market, he looked much more intelligent than any other person in his style of play, which is why we took care of him, but at that moment, it was still difficult for us to spend a median Sum of money in a young left back, A little bit later he went to Real Madrid. "The player had always recognized that he had options to play both in Sevilla and CSKA Moscow, but never in Germany. The Madrid ended up paying much more than the Hamburg and in sight is that it ended up being a good operation for the white club.