Marcos Alonso: "Renovated with Chelsea before the final of the table"

2018 Oct 10

I came for the first time for the friendly against Argentina, before the World Cup. And now I'm back with Luis Enrique. But we all know that to be here you have to maintain the best level in your club and enter the plans of the coach. What encourages me now is to have continuity, because it is my second consecutive call. In addition, September matches went well and the results accompanied. That also helps.In the list for the next two matches, the friendly against Wales tomorrow and the next Monday of the League of Nations against England, there are four sides, but three of them play on the left in their teams. Besides you, the others are Gayá and Jonny ...I've always played as a left-back, except for some loose occasion in Fiorentina, in Italy, where they put me on a changed leg. But my natural site is left side. If one day I have to play on the right because the team needs it, I could do it. But it's not my place, of course.Now, with Sarri on Chelsea's bench, he plays in a system with four defenses. But for a long time, when he was Conte, he played with the three center, as a lane. What do you prefer?I feel comfortable with both formulas. I also had the three center system in Italy, and it went very well for me. I liked playing lanes, especially because of the offensive projection you have in that position. But I also like to play with the current Sarri system, which is also very similar to the way Luis Enrique plays. In modern football the position, the placement of the team and the occupation of the spaces is important. Luis Enrique insists on this, as my coach at Chelsea. For my part I am comfortable and adapted to this football. My natural site is left-back in a defense of four, but you have to be ready to help the team in what the coach claims.The three 'greats' of Spain, Real Madrid, Barça and Atlético, have left-backs (Marcelo, Jordi Alba and Filipe Luis) who are around or have exceeded their thirties. What does this suggest?He suggests that the three players he refers to are very good left-backs. Today with thirty years is not greater for football. Physical preparation, care, nutrition, sports medicine have evolved a lot ... nowadays it can be performed at a very high level even beyond the age of thirty-five.I asked him because whenever there is talk of the left sides of the 'greats' of Spain comes the name of Marcos Alonso. Lately even more and especially associated with Real Madrid. What can you say about this?What I can say is that I am very calm and very happy at Chelsea, and that the club must also be with me because, although I still have two years left on the contract, he has offered me an extension. We are talking about it and the talks to renew are already advanced.