Mirror: Sterling, Madrid's alternative if Hazard fails

2018 Oct 11

The number one goal for the transfer market is Chelsea's Belgian player, Eden Hazard. However, Mirror reveals that the white club keeps an ace up its sleeve in case its contract fails. That would be the English side of Manchester City, Raheem Sterling.The 23-year-old is a starter in the team led by Pep Guardiola, but the arrival of Riyad Mahrez could take away minutes of play. It must be remembered that in the extreme position it is usual to see, in addition to these two players, Leroy Sané or Bernardo Silva, but David Silva, Sergio Agüero and Gabriel Jesús have also gone through this position on very specific occasions. That is why a high level player like him would be easily covered.And is that Sterling is being monitored by Real Madrid, which is waiting for him to decide something about his contract. Expires in the summer of 2020 and negotiations seem stalled, so if you want to take a slice of Sterling in case you want to leave, Manchester City should sell before the next season begins. This would prevent him from trying to go free the following year. The English team is willing to grant an increase of the record, which is currently 10.7 million euros, although they still seem far from reaching an understanding.The player can perform on both sides and has a great dribble, as well as a devilish speed. It would help to cover the gap left by Cristiano Ronaldo, although he does not have as much goal as the Portuguese. Real Madrid has in his favor that, like Eden Hazard, he has already shown his predisposition to play in the white club. This is what he said last year: "It would definitely be great to play abroad, it would be a great experience, Spain is attractive, anywhere is really good time".The player, who is called with England, will have to come to Spain to play next Monday the Nations League match against Luis Enrique's team.