Mourinho wants Oblak at United as a replacement for De Gea

2018 Dec 4

Knowing the future of Manchester United's goal is generating a lot of news. When it seemed that the club was going to exercise the option for De Gea to continue another year, there has been talk that the international goalkeeper of Everton Pickford was going to be the replacement, while the Spanish goalkeeper was the goal of PSG. Now the English website Team Talk is categorical. Note that Mourinho has been clear. He wants Oblak, even if he is paying the 100 million his freedom is worth, since he understands that he is the best in the world.

It is not the only club that has set its sights on the rojiblanco. While Simeone continues to insist on its renewal and the player's representative has already spoken on several occasions with Gil Marin to reach an agreement. The intention is to increase the file considerably and thus also get the price of your freedom to rise to a figure between 150 to 200 million euros. So far there has been no approach from the Oblak environment that also knows that Juve and PSG are willing to give what they ask.