Nahuel Guzmán: "We have to know how to accompany Messi"

Nahuel Guzmán: "We have to know how to accompany Messi"

2018 Jun 14

Argentine goalkeeper Nahuel Guzman revealed on Wednesday at a press conference that the group is turning its efforts to find a way to "accompany Leo Messi", which he considers the great "referent" of the Albiceleste. In a press conference held on Wednesday in the training complex of the Argentine team in the town of Bronnitsy, where the South American team is staying, the Mexican Tigres goalkeeper said that Leo Messi is a "very important reference" for the team.

"We have to know how to accompany him and he has to let himself be accompanied too, we have to take away the responsibility that he has and that he feels", he added. Nahuel Guzmán also removed responsibility to '10' by stating that "Leo's day does not have to be decisive."

"Any of us can have a bad day, it can be half way down and for that we are the rest of the group, to contain ourselves and spend that bad time," he said. The Tigres footballer, who entered the definitive list in substitution of the injured Sergio Romero, also commented that the Barcelona attacker sees him "stuck, working alongside the team and giving the example as the big ones, as what it is".

"We are proud to be able to share this experience with him, the truth, we have to try to accompany him at all times and raise him when he is doubting, I hope we can celebrate every game next to him, Leo is very good".
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