Naples, it accelerates for the right back: it is a four-way race

2018 Jul 17

At first it was Vrsaljko, when one thought of a farewell from Hysaj. Goodbye averted, even if the market has always strange dynamics, within the non-belligerent pact signed and signed by Naples and Chelsea. Vrsaljko is a holder (hunted by Inter), Napoli seeks a holder. Ancelotti stravede for Meunier, a very titled to say to Sarri, but the assessment has gone up for two reasons: you have to convince Paris Saint-Germain and you have to do it after a very positive World Championship for the Belgian piston. So, where do we start again? We mix and start from a concept: having to replace Maggio anyway, Napoli needs a competitive profile like the current owner, the Albanian of the right wing. Lainer has always liked it, but the upward games in Salzburg have pushed the bar up to (almost) twenty million. Honestly a mistake, we try to calm down and to resize. There would be Sabaly, indeed there is, but Bordeaux is grappling with sensitive corporate events and must solve the rebus Malcom (Inter priority), so it plays up. Arias is an intruder who has not so far become a serious candidate. And then we mix, mix, shake to get to a solution yet to be identified. Of course, we work under the track, we do not exclude an acceleration, but the round of three to four eligible for a place continues. At some point the hourglass will have to stop, the time will be expired and it will be decided.