Napoli can leave PSG with a foot and a half out

NOV 6, 2018

Already in normal conditions, there would be plenty of reasons to consider this Naples-PSG as an extraordinary match . Buffon returns to play the Champions for the first time since the controversial night in Madrid, Cavani returns to 'his' San Paolo, filled to the flag (where the tifosi dream that he stays in next summer), Hamsik will become the player with more presences in the history of Naples (512) ... What happens is that the match tonight will also be decisive for the fate of the most complicated group of Champions.

With a victory, Ancelotti would put a foot and a half in the round of 16 and would leave Tuchel in a desperate situation, which no one would have imagined the day after the draw, forcing him to play his life against Liverpool. The Neapolitan coach will start with the pair Mertens-Insigne, unstoppable in recent weeks, and the Spaniards Fabián and Callejón in the midfield. Opposite, the 3-4-3 of the French, who should resign, at least in the beginning, to a Cavani headdress: Di Maria, Neymar and Mbappé will try to complicate the plans of 'Carletto', which already made them suffer a lot in the Princes Park. The going did not disappoint us: now the return also smells like a great game.

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