New shirt of the Zamora: feeling in literal vein

2018 Oct 10

The Zamora has led in feeling in vein to his shirt literally. After several weeks creating excitement, yesterday he opened the curtain to what will be his third kit. In it they send three things: a heart with the shield of Zamora on top and the reproduction of the circulatory system of the human body, with those veins and arteries, with a dark blue or black background, beating under a principle: "We dress as we feel". Well, that.It is a direct hit to the emotion. "The enigma has been solved, during the whole week a lot of reference was made to the vital signs of the human being and now everything makes sense", summed up A shirt that breaks molds and follows a trend: the one started by the Cultural and Sports Leonesa in 2014 with a tuxedo. In 2016 Palencia carried a shout on the shield: "We left the skin." His shirt reproduced all the muscles of the body.In the presentation in Zamora of the shirt the mannequins were the own players that will defend it on the field. "What is undeniable is the impact that the campaign of expectation that the club has created during this previous week and the route that this presentation may have in the next few days nationally and internationally," continued It is already: it is already one of the most different football shirts. Of those that do not leave anyone impassive. All feeling. Literal.