Night for the rematch

Night for the rematch

2018 Nov 6

"The 4-0 is past." Favre's voice resounded in the gut of the Metropolitan yesterday afternoon . 13 days have already passed that, the party in Dortmund. The result, terrible, actually cheats. The Atleti was surpassed by the forcefulness and German verticality. And for the devilish speed of Reus and Achraf. But before the 2-0 that undid the rojiblancos, Atleti touched the 1-1. And that's what the Cholo seizes tonight.

The result was bulky but not really much was lost, only one match. The chances of qualifying are still intact, Atleti is second in the group, three points behind Dortmund and five over Monaco and Bruges. A victory tonight again equals everything. And the Atleti is the team of "to die, mine die". He will go out for her. Although Simeone is measured against the German leader Dortmund and in the best start of its history (15 games without defeat) without 25% of its workforce.

The casualties of Godín, Koke and Costa, already important, yesterday were joined by Savic and Lemar. Five headlines Five men out of the 20 he has. The most difficult yet. A very state of Cholo. It grows in him. Godín and Savic will be missing but Giménez returns and will play with Lucas. Koke is missing but Rodrigo and Thomas are there. It's not Costa but Kalinic will play. Neither Lemar, yes Correa. And this Grizi. And as much as it's November, a bad month, he's forced to take off the mantle in games like this one. An all or nothing that has nothing to do with classification. It goes beyond. It's revenge night. To play for the honor of a shield before your audience.

It will not be easy. While Simeone has not stopped losing men these 13 days, Favre has won them. He has everyone he cares about. For this game will be Akanji, injured in Germany and defense pillar, already back after an injury, and also Alcácer, 11 goals in seven games before being injured against Atleti. Top scorer of the Bundesliga, one of the 9 in Europe today. Another threat that add to that they are already Reus and Achraf. The tie is worth to be in the eighth.

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