Olivari, the 'aunt Iva' of the Croats

2018 Jul 12

Olivari is the head of Croatia and the first woman who is part of a coaching staff in a World Cup. The 'aunt Iva' is also extenist and came to defeat Steffi Graf at his best.In addition to Subasic, another figure emerged from the benches in the Croatian national team in this World Cup: Iva Olivari. He has been working for the Croatian team for many years, but now it has become more popular. The reason is very simple. Olivari, head of the Croatian national team, has made history by becoming the first woman to be part of a coaching staff in a World Cup.The 'aunt Iva', as the players know her, has been with the Croatian national team since 1992, although it was in 2012 that she accepted her current position. It was Davor Suker, president of the Croatian federation, who proposed her for the position. Both knew each other well because Suker was part of that Croatian golden generation that finished third in the 1998 World Cup in France. After not being able to be on the bench with the rest of the coaching staff in the 2014 World Cup, this year has been the one finally it has broken with that moral barrier.She is currently in charge of organizing trips, transfers, managing training, matches, coordinating logistics, studying movement engineering and hosting infrastructure, and managing communication with FIFA. Although its importance in this selection goes beyond the work that embodies its position. "She's always with us, she's a great person, our guardian angel, I've known her for 10 years and we all love her very much," Subasic said of 'Aunt Iva' recently.However, before making history in football, he already did it in another sport. Neither more nor less than in tennis, sport that Olivari was dedicated in its beginnings. In fact, she was the U-14 champion with the former Yugoslavia and, before being harmed by a wrist injury, Olivari could have the pleasure of defeating Steffi Graf, winner of 22 Grand Slam and former world number 1, at her best moment.